Mattie B. Uzzle 12/10

Friday’s outreach was a success, but we had an excess of volunteers. We had six kids to teach and about eleven volunteers, so there were many cases were two to three volunteers had nothing to do. Luckily we were able to utilise the extra volunteers to list out recurring bugs in the new math slayer program. In the future we will try to limit volunteers based on how many kids Pastor Kim say will be coming.

This Friday was also the first outreach where we tested the Star Wars Hour of Code. Overall the kids responded well to the program. It is very similar to scratch but it is more interactive and visually appealing. Some of the kids were reluctant to try the program at first since it was “Star Wars” themed but eventually it caught their attention. We will try more hour of code activities in the future if possible.

Mattie B. Uzzle 12/2

On Friday we had a plan to make electromagnetic motors, but when we got there, it did not work. This taught us the lesson that you should always have a backup plan. We may go back later and do the electromagnetic motors, but with a lot more testing. Luckily, due to some quick thinking by two of our volunteers, they fashioned a last-second math lesson.

They wrote the numbers of Pascal’s Triangle onto cups, and began to build a pyramid of the cups with the numbers on them. The volunteer would then ask them what the next layer’s numbers would be, to see if they understood the pattern of Pascal’s Triangle. Although they were taught the significance of Pascal’s Triangle, mostly because most of them don’t know Algebra, it was a unique, fun way to learn a high-level concept that would help them later down the road when they did learn Pascal’s Triangle.