Mattie B. Uzzle 10/14

We started the session off with math, as is the new usual. Since there is usually two waves of children that come, some kids finish before the others. This presents a problem in which we need to decide if we should force them to do more math, let them relax a little bit before the Engineering/Programming Activity, or make them start on the STEM Activity.

Our STEM Activity this week was Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers. We initially though it was going to be super messy and the kids were going to eat all of the materials and not even try to make a tower. The children astounded us with their creativity and really went deep into building. There was, however, some eating and some mess involved, but nothing a few wet paper towels couldn’t clean up.

Some pictures:

A table working hard, they didn't even need a volunteer to help them!
A table working hard, they didn’t even need a volunteer to help them!
A completed structure that someone built.
A volunteer making his own structure as an instructional demo to the children.

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