Mattie B. Uzzle 10/21

Friday’s session was one that involved computers. Nothing spectacular happened, which is what we do not want. The kids were playing on the computers which is good, but we want to ignite their thirst for knowledge, to provide them access to learn more. We have a volunteer who is a Scratch Goddess willing to help us write some fun, engaging lessons. An idea we had was to play an inspiring video or something related to Scratch in the beginning to set the tone, and then do a Scratch lesson.

In math, we are making headway. Kids are reluctant to do extra math after school on a Friday, but we have a 90% rate of engagement, only one or two stragglers. However, on Friday, we were able to get two of the kids that never do math, to do math. It was a herculean task that we were able to solve and gives us motivation to continue to help the kids develop the necessary math skills in compliance with their grade level, and beyond.

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