Mattie B. Uzzle 9/16

There was no craziness during this outreach, but it still could be chalked up to ultimately be a failure. When prompted, the children said they learned nothing. It was partly because of poor choice of lesson, but also because we must do a better job of telegraphing our intentions to the children. A possible remedy for this would be to have objectives before we go into outreach, and post those objectives on a whiteboard so the kids know what they should be getting out of outreach. Also exit surveys of the children to see what they have learned would be a invaluable tool to see what needs to be changed.

The lesson took less time than initially expected, which contributed to the fact that the kids had time to fool around a little bit. There was little to no structure to the lesson, kids were shown how to make a catapult, but only a few made them, the rest worked on a target, or socialized with the volunteers. Although socializing with volunteers is not a bad thing, it is a sign that we should have more actively engaging content for the kids to work on. More structured curriculum would be beneficial to both the volunteers and the kids.

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