Mattie B. Uzzle 9/23

This week we talked to Ms. Kim, one of the organizers of the outreach that brings the kids for us to tutor. She conveyed to us that she wanted us to do 15 minutes of math each outreach, in addition to our normal engineering or computer lesson. This was our saving grace during this outreach because our lesson did not last the whole time as we expected. They did pretty well on math at the end of outreach, but next time we’re going to try it out with math at the beginning.

We did paper airplanes, which actually worked and the kids were engaged, but it was hard to teach them while they were making the planes. A way to remedy this would be to have a mini lesson before we actually do the project portion in order to establish a purpose of the lesson.

Each outreach is a learning expercience and we hope to write some of the things we’ve learned on this blog, but also on a handbook so all the volunteers can be on the same page when teaching. Stay tuned for the release of that handbook and our next blog post!

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